One suggestion that I would like to make when it comes to taking liquid vitamin mineral supplements of any type is to keep a journal.

Natural liquid vitamins and minerals are a great way of getting the all natural health benefits you may be seeking but as you may know natural supplements do not behave the same as their synthetic counterparts.

The nature of all natural supplements is that they are gentle yet extremely effective.  Take for example if you are someone who suffers from migraine headaches and decide to try to battle these debilitating headaches naturally. By keeping a journal of the severity and frequency of the migraines while using natural alternatives to prescriptions you may notice that effects are a bit more gradual than synthetics.  These benefits may not be as apparent to you if you don't keep a journal simply not giving credit where credit is due.  You may experience one less headache a month and for most that means giving them back a day if not a week of their lives.  Just think about how much that can impact the rest of your life!

By keeping a journal of the headache pattern in this case will give you a good guide post as to how and when the natural supplements have made an impact on your life naturally!