Health Tip:

It is interesting to me to see how many of us are still trying to find that magic pill or potion to help us lose weight.  There are a handful of health supplements that may assist you in your efforts but the real magic lies in ourselves.

While there are many all natural health products on the market the best bet for a successful weight loss regime is still your grandmother's advice: eat less, exercise more and while you are at it, add some energy boosting outdoor activities - you will be creating a more healthy lifestyle if you exercise outdoors in the sunshine, and you will also be adding the one true all natural vitamin source of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin!

If we all decided that the magic to weight loss lies in eating a healthy naturally based diet along with plenty of exercise perhaps we will be able to shed light on true weight loss and shed a few pounds as well, there is no magic pill or potion, it is you!