Wondering how best to achieve your New Year’s goals? Well, you are certainly not alone! A new year brings with it ample opportunities to achieve more. The process begins with establishing and making progress toward smart and healthy goals.

Step One-Reflect

Achieving your New Year’s goals begins with reflection. You might be thinking “I need to take action.” And that may be true, but first and foremost you need to reflect and review. Your path forward truly begins by pausing to reflect on what it is in your life that you want to change. Make a list of what you want to change; and why you want to make those particular changes.

Step Two-Write Down and Prioritize Your Goals

Without a clear plan, you can’t expect to reach your goals; after all, you need to know what your goals are before you attempt to reach them. Once you know what you are attempting to achieve, write down the steps needed to achieve those goals. For some people, these steps will be easier than for others, but stick with it. Additionally, prioritizing your goals is of tremendous importance. If you have too many goals, then you’ll have to decide which goals are the key goals upon which to focus your attention.

Step Three-Remove Toxic People and Habits from Your Life

One of the largest challenges many people face in achieving healthy goals is to honestly identify the obstacles in their lives.  Too often our obstacles are so engrained in our lives that we don’t recognize them. A great example comes in the form of toxic people.

While it is true that every person is a unique and special snowflake, some of those snowflakes can be toxic. It may be difficult to remove negative people from your life, but if you want to achieve success and happiness, you may have no choice.

It is also true that in order to achieve success and happiness you need to let go of toxic habits. If something is causing you harm then it needs to be removed.

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Step Four-Work Consistently Towards Your Goals Every Day

Establishing the right goals are only the beginning. You’ll need to work toward your goals every single day. Remember that consistent work is the only way to turn your goals into a reality. Overnight results are unlikely, but by maintaining your focus and being patient you can expect big results. So be confident and your persistence will be rewarded.

When you are creating your healthy New Year’s goals, always focus on not just results but whether your goals help you and others. By pursuing goals that make you feel good, you are much more likely to achieve them. Listening to your instincts will help guide you in the right direction when setting your goals for the New Year and beyond.