HGH stands for human growth hormone which is a master hormone that controls the body’s growth, particularly during adolescence. In the growing years, up to the age of 20, the body naturally produces around 500 mcg of HGH daily in the pituitary gland, but this declines to 200 mcg by the age of 40 and just 25 mcg for octogenarians.

As HGH is responsible not only for controlling height but also increasing muscle, reducing fat, increasing energy levels, strengthening bones and boosting the immune system, one begins to understand why we no longer look 20 when we reach the age of 50+. It also explains the reason why HGH supplements are acclaimed as the “Fountain of Youth”.


How Can HGH be Administered?

HGH is offered as an oral spray but tests show that HGH cannot be absorbed through the tongue or lining of the mouth, so sprays are largely ineffective and a waste of money.

HGH injections certainly produce fast results but they have been shown to have some serious side effects as the synthetic cocktail of drugs cannot mimic the body’s natural hormonal cycle and may result in shutting down the pituitary gland. It is also a very expensive treatment costing up to $3000 per month and finally, it must be prescribed by a doctor.

Thankfully there is a third option which has no side effects, is very affordable and easy to take. HGH supplements in pill and powder form give a time-released dose of HGH and do not have any side effects. They are safe as they are completely natural and are not a replacement therapy. Instead, they work by stimulating the pituitary gland to increase production of natural HGH, just as it did in your youth. Those taking HGH supplements report an increase in natural energy, a reduction in body fat, reduction in wrinkles, enhanced libido, an improvement in bone strength/density and an improvement in mental alertness.

No wonder HGH supplements have been seen as the answer to youthfulness in both looks and physical health. They are advertised as a complete body makeover and are promoted to help reverse the signs of aging in many ways. Do your research and listen to those who have tried HGH anti-aging treatments to see whether this supplement is right for you. Those with diabetes or a history of heart disease may not be suitable candidates, but for all others, taking a supplement seems to only have positive benefits.


What risks do you see in taking HGH Supplements?