I feel like every time I turn on the television, I see another ad for energy drinks - little shots of concoctions meant to be a healthy supplement and substitute for coffee or sugar snacks. What most people don’t know is that it contains an artificial sweetener and other unnatural additives. So, a healthy alternative it is not.

There are, of course, many different and natural methods by which one can wake up during a lull in the afternoon without resorting to caffeine or manufactured energy boosters. Nature, as always, has the best remedies. Below are a few ways you can revive your energy levels and be healthy at the same time.

1) Exercise - During the course of your day, sluggishness can occur from lack of movement, particularly for those who work at a desk job. Lack of circulation means less oxygen and nutrients, stored in your blood, that your brain and muscles can receive. Simply by standing up, walking around, and moving your head and shoulders in a circular motion can increase your blood flow and thus your overall energy. And for those who exercise regularly, your circulation will maintain itself throughout the day and will boost energy stores by conditioning the body to make optimal use of oxygen and glucose, leading to less bouts with fatigue at work.

2) Drink Lots of Water - The human body needs water to transport oxygen to your cells. Water deprivation can make you feel tired or get headaches through dehydration. Simply by drinking the proper amount of water, roughly eight 8-ounce glasses per day, you can stave off dehydration and maintain proper energy levels.

3) Eat a Healthy Diet - Whereas fatty and fried foods will bring down your energy levels, particularly after lunch, fruits and vegetables can actually give you an energy boost. Fruits are more easily digestible than many other foods, and will provide the fuel you need to re-energize.  If you're looking for a natural way to stay awake, supplements of ginseng, bee pollen, vitamins, maitake and others can be a great natural way to stop from snoozing.