1. Drink Water: Drink 3 quarts of water daily. Fresh spring water is best. More than anything else, water will help cleanse your kidneys and keep them free of acid waste accumulation.

2. Eliminate Soft Drinks: Many soft drinks contain both caffeine and sugar. The excess sugar both dehydrates the body and over stimulates the pancreas to release insulin which is stressful on your heart.

3. Eliminate Caffeine and Alcohol: Caffeine and alcohol are strong diuretics. For every cup of coffee or glass of beer, the body gives up three glasses of water—which means the body is perpetually dehydrated. People who regularly consume these beverages can never really quench their thirst because their bodies are always running out of water.

4. Drink Lemon Juice: Take the juice of one lemon in warm water each morning. It’s a natural liver-and-kidney cleansing tonic.

5. Sweat More: Sweating helps to eliminate toxins through your skin and thus alleviates the load placed on your lungs, colon and kidneys.

6. Reduce Red Meat Intake: Uric acid kidney stones form when we consume excessive amounts of animal protein —especially red meat. If the kidneys don’t remove all the uric acid, it ends up in the areas of the body with the poorest circulation like the toes and the feet and gout crystals (uric acid) are formed.

7. Increase your Greens: When you eat meat, cheese and all processed foods, you are eating acid-forming foods that throw off acid waste that accumulates in the kidneys. When you eat greens or green drinks, you alkalize the body and help cleanse acid waste accumulation.

8. Do Vigorous Exercise: When you walk, run, jump on a mini-trampoline or ride a bike for 20 minutes every day, you help activate the lymph system which helps cleanse the body of toxins and reduces stress on the kidneys.

9. Reduce over-the-counter Pain Killers: Over the-counter painkillers must be broken down by the liver and kidneys. Both organs can become extremely taxed, fatigued and worn out by this constant detoxification process.