A food revolution is happening in the U.S., driven largely by rising rates of diseases. Americans spend more on healthcare and disease management than any other country on the planet: eighteen cents out of every dollar that Americans spend.

Unfortunately, Americans have inherited a food system that is broken and no longer serves their needs. They are struggling with rising rates of autism, cancer, allergies, obesity and diabetes - which is why now is the right time to dump fake foods and switch to consuming real, natural foods with real ingredients instead.

These 8 tips will help create a healthy and nutritious foundation for the food you eat - not just nutritionally superior, but also genuinely delicious.

  1. Unprocess - before industry, food was minimally processed and nourishing. Humans evolved to eat whole foods that exist in nature, not ingredients made in labs or factories. Eat only natural foods.
  2. Count Ingredients, not Calories - the quality of calories is far more important than quantity. Commit to eating foods with minimal, wholesome ingredients.
  3. More Plants, Fewer Animals - Place fresh vegetables and fruits at the center of the plate and make them at least 50% of every meal; push animal protein to the edges.
  4. Minimize Grains, Always Whole - grains aren't all they’re cracked up to be. Vegetables are carbs too, and they are almost always a better choice. Look for grain-free alternatives whenever you can. When you do eat grains, ensure that they are whole and cut out gluten whenever possible.
  5. Embrace Fat - it’s not fat that is making you sick, it’s the wrong fat. Embrace healthy olive and coconut oils, nuts, avocados, and animal fats from animals that ate their natural diets.
  6. Get Back to Animals Too - if you’re fond of animal protein, consume animal meats that ate what animals are meant to eat. Animals aren't meant to eat industrial, GMO food pellets, hormones and antibiotics. Grass-fed, pastured meats and dairy, organic poultry and eggs, and wild caught seafood are best.
  7. Sweeten Wisely - sugar in any form isn't great for you, especially cane sugar, corn sugar and artificial sweeteners. Instead, use organic coconut sugar, unfiltered honey and maple syrup.
  8. Eat Clean - Ensure that your food is as free as possible from foreign, toxic chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. Demand the organic seal or verification of organic practices on food items.

Given the many preventive benefits of real, natural foods - perhaps its time you adopted these healthful practices too?

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