Fatigue is a common complaint in our over-booked society.  Hectic schedules and less-than-healthy lifestyles leave people feeling drained and sluggish.  While many reach for a cup of coffee or sugary energy drink when feeling tired, there may be a better fatigue treatment.  Three herbs offer natural, energy-boosting benefits without the jitters.

1.  Eleuthero Root

A hectic lifestyle can lead to exhaustion of the adrenal glands.  People with adrenal fatigue experience symptoms like chronic tiredness, an inability to cope with stress, lackluster libido, lower back pain, mood swings, short temper, and cravings for sweets.  Eleuthero root makes a great natural adrenal fatigue treatment by helping the adrenal glands make better use of hormones and promoting a more efficient release.  Sometimes called Siberian ginseng, eleuthero root also protects the brain, reduces inflammation, and boosts athletic performance.

2.  Damiana

People looking for another fatigue treatment may want to try damiana.  An aromatic shrub native to the deserts of North America, this herb is most known for its libido-boosting properties and is said to sometimes trigger romantic dreams.  Damiana is also thought to boost energy, treat impotence and menstrual problems, and reduce the symptoms of asthma and depression.  Anecdotal evidence suggests it generates a mild emotional lift that can last for an hour or two.

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3.  Echinacea

Chronic fatigue syndrome often generates feelings of tiredness so extreme that they interfere with normal activity.  While it has not been tested in isolation, Echinacea might be helpful in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome when paired with Panax ginseng according to research.  Some active compounds in Echinacea are thought to offer antimicrobial properties, while others are said to boost the immune system.

While it's easy to reach for another cup of coffee when feeling weary, herbs might make a better fatigue treatment.  Eleuthero root, damiana, and Echinacea all offer energy-boosting properties without the jitters that can accompany too much coffee.  It is wise to check with a health care provider before using herbs, as some can interact with prescribed medications.