Recent research into the correlation between appetite and weight management have possibly discovered an important enzyme found in the brain which is thought to regulate both these factors. Researchers at Yale School of Medicine conducted trials using mice and found that when they reduced prolylcarboxypeptidase (PRCP) in the brain they were able to control the animals’ appetite with the result of better weight management.

It is thought that the PRCP controls the hormone which in turn controls the rate at which the body burns energy and at the same time controls the appetite. When researchers were able to prevent the PRCP from reaching this hormone, the result was that the mice increased their energy output and decreased their appetite.

Although the research was not primarily intended to produce a diet pill, the discovery would help those struggling with a metabolic syndrome or type-2 diabetes. If a way could be found to control and use the enzymes that regulate metabolism, it could be an important factor in helping with weight control while also boosting energy.

What Enzymes Do

Enzymes play a vital role in how our bodies function. Metabolic enzymes control the running of our tissues, organs and cells. Enzymes break down amino acids, help digest carbohydrates, fats and lipids and are essential for the digestion of milk and milk products. They also break down toxins so that the body can eliminate them without causing harm to vital organs. In short, enzymes are the work force for keeping the body going.

Many of the enzymes we need are produced in the pancreas, but it is now thought that the pancreas cannot possibly meet the daily demand for the amount and variety of the enzymes required. Not only do our bodies use up enzymes digesting food, but they are also lost in sweat and other body fluids. Our diet has to provide and replenish some of the enzymes which are necessary for a healthy body.

Sourcing enzymes from raw food is essential and lowers the need to keep borrowing them from the body’s supply. Once again it comes down to the fact that a healthy diet, with five portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day is essential for a healthy body. Ensuring we have a sufficient intake of enzymes can help boost energy naturally and allow the body to function at its optimum while controlling weight and metabolism.