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  1. Is Sodium Worth Its Salt?

    Is Sodium Worth Its Salt?
    Most of us know that salt can cause high blood pressure, strokes, calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, weight gain, fluid retention, stomach ulcers and more. With all this bad press, it is easy to believe that we should eradicate salt from our diet altogether. But, not so fast – here is the other side of the coin. We cannot survive without salt...
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  2. Boost Immunity with Probiotics

    Boost Immunity with Probiotics
    Americans are continually looking for natural ways to improve health, and probiotics are proving to be a valuable asset. Probiotics are “good” bacteria that can be found in the digestive tract.  They help to destroy “bad” or harmful bacteria - keeping unwanted parasites, viruses and yeasts in check.  Studies have shown that probiotics can help fight infection in a variety of...
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  3. Green Tea Boosts Effectiveness

    Green Tea Boosts Effectiveness
    For years we have understood green tea’s antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal abilities and it has been lauded as a natural antibiotic. Researchers have now determined that drinking green tea while taking prescription antibiotics significantly enhances their effectiveness.  A substance called EGCG, which can be extracted from both green and white tea, takes the healing power of prescription antibiotics up a...
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  4. Soy Health Benefits: Myth v. Fact

    Soy Health Benefits: Myth v. Fact
    Myths about the health risks of soy persist, despite the evidence that this protein-packed superfood has sustained robust populations in Asia for thousands of years. Soy protein is considered nutritionally complete, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids in sufficient quantities to help meet the human body’s requirements. Soy foods are considered a smart choice for a heart-healthy...
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  5. Acetyl-L-Carnitine for Healthy Liver Function

    Acetyl-L-Carnitine for Healthy Liver Function
        There are many steps that one can take to keep his or her liver healthy and functioning properly.  Following these steps can decrease the chances of disease and potentially increase one’s longevity as well.  Eating a diet that is mostly based on fruits and vegetables is a great place to begin.  Likewise, avoiding processed foods which are loaded...
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  6. The Benefits of Eating Eggs

    The Benefits of Eating Eggs
    Eggs have received a bad reputation over the last few decades.  As it turns out, many of those critics now have, yes, egg on their faces.  Contrary to what most of us have been hearing for many years, eggs, in moderation, are actually quite good for you.  Unless your doctor is telling you otherwise, an egg every now and again...
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  7. Is Leaky Gut Syndrome Causing My Health Issues?

    Is Leaky Gut Syndrome Causing My Health Issues?
    If you are suffering from stomach problems, with symptoms such as bloating, tiredness and food intolerance, you may be one of millions who, according to Dr Oz, suffer from leaky gut syndrome. Unfortunately this medical condition is so hard to diagnose, it often goes unrecognized by many doctors. What is Leaky Gut Syndrome? Leaky Gut Syndrome is a fairly common...
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  8. Why Maca is the Superior Alternative to Yohimbe

    Why Maca is the Superior Alternative to Yohimbe
    Yohimbe has a long history of being used as a libido-enhancer, but does that mean you should use it?  Yohimbe has been used for generations, but this use has been far more limited than other cultural mainstays, such as turmeric.  As it turns out, yohimbe can be rather dangerous and should simply be avoided.   Why Yohimbe Is Problematic And...
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  9. Healthy Recipes to Naturally Boost Your Immunity

    Healthy Recipes to Naturally Boost Your Immunity
    A healthy immune system is important for helping your body fight infections caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus and other pathogens.  With colds and flu season fast approaching it is important to strengthen your immune system. We all are aware of the standard measures: get enough sleep, good hygiene, stress reduction, eats lots of fruits and veggies and take immune-boosting supplements.  ...
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  10. Local Honey: Allergy Treatment with a Twist?

    Local Honey: Allergy Treatment with a Twist?
    Springtime has arrived, and with it comes pollen which can be an uncomfortable nuisance for people with seasonal allergies.  In these individuals, pollen can trigger the release of histamine, a chemical made by the body in response to allergens that can irritate soft tissues and cause inflammation. Antihistamines are modern remedies used to treat hay fever and the suffering that...
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