Most people watching their waistlines and trying to eat less will tell you that the most challenging aspect of it is the between-meal hunger that plagues them and tempts them to binge. Here are a few snacks that you can eat to satisfaction without heaping on a lot of calories:

Pre-packaged Oatmeal. Some brands are even available already in a cup. You can bring it to the office and heat it with water in the microwave. It’s ready to eat in about a minute, is loaded with fiber and satisfies hunger much better than dry cereal.

Apple slices with nuts and syrup. Craving something sweet? Chop an apple into slices and add some walnuts and a teaspoon or two of maple syrup. It’s a tasty, satisfying snack the will fill you up as well as satisfy your craving for sweets.

Licorice. If you love licorice, you’re in luck. Licorice, which has an active ingredient called glycyrrhetinic acid, has been shown to help reduce body fat mass. Decio Armanini, M.D., who did research on licorice at Italy's University of Padua, explains that there are two ways licorice works. The first is complicated and involves blocking an enzyme that plays a role in fat accumulation. The second is simpler. "Licorice can reduce appetite," he says. "The effect is probably related to the agreeable taste of licorice, and for that reason people do not need to eat more."

Note: We’re not talking about Twizzlers or Red Vines; look for a licorice snack that has licorice extract high on its list of ingredients.

Soy Chips. These tasty chips are high in fiber, low in fat and are a significant source of soy protein. Soy protein, according to a recent study in the International Journal of Obesity, not only helps facilitate weight loss, but also helps ensure that the weight lost is fat rather than muscle. The isoflavones in soy act like estrogen and inhibit the enzyme that facilitates fat deposits, according to Paul Cooke, Ph.D., a soy researcher at the University of Illinois.