If you’ve been on a weight-loss program for a few weeks, or even months, you may be getting bored of “diet food” and feel everything tastes the same. Fresh berries, with their rich zingy taste, show you how to lose weight while still enjoying healthy low-fat foods that taste delicious.


Berries Are Your Secret Weapon for How to Lose Weight Naturally

Berries contain zero fat, cholesterol or sodium. They are low in carbohydrates, are an important source of dietary fiber, and are packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s important to eat berries raw to retain maximum antioxidants and nutrients that may otherwise be destroyed in cooking. You can even eat them frozen, and make a bowl of mixed berries last an entire evening.

A cup of strawberries has only 47 calories. Sweeten to taste with a natural sweetener such as stevia, and it makes a low-cal dessert that allows for multiple servings!  Knowing how to lose weight with simple healthy tricks like these makes dieting easier.

Soft juicy raspberries contain 65 calories per cup.  High in dietary fiber (8g), potassium and vitamin C (53% of your recommended daily value) they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, particularly if they are organically grown.

Dark Berries are High in Flavor and Low in Fat

Blueberries are a true superfood for those struggling to lose weight and still eat well. One cup of these dark berries is 85 calories, yet they deliver fiber, potassium vitamins, protein and fructose as well as being loaded with vitamin K, manganese, zeaxanthin and lutein for healthy eyes. Bilberries are very similar to blueberries as they are from the same Vaccinium genus of plants. These berries are high is resveratrol, another natural weight loss superfood.

Finally, top off your bowl of superfruits with blackberries. They provide 8g fiber, 2g protein, 50% pf your daily requirement of vitamin C, and unrivalled taste and juice for just 62 calories per cup.

When someone asks you how to lose weight and still enjoy food, let them in on the secret. Berries are a delicious low-calorie snack packed with vitamins, goodness and taste without breaking the diet.


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