Drinking plenty of water could significantly improve your chronic back pain. Since the body is comprised mainly of water (75%) keeping hydrated is essential for all aspects of your health. It has a specific role to play in easing back pain because water cushions cartilage and helps keeps joints lubricated.


Here’s how water comes into play in back pain relief: Between every two vertebrae there is a disk that is essentially a “shock absorber” to protect our backs from injury. Water is squeezed out of our disks as we go about our normal activities. The disks will rehydrate during the night and at times during the day, but only if there are adequate levels of water in the body.  A disk that doesn’t rehydrate will eventually flatten and slip out of alignment, creating the perfect storm for chronic back pain. Water also flushes waste products out of the joints. A healthy, well hydrated joint can move freely and without pain.


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The best way to prevent dehydration is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Symptoms of dehydration include excessive thirst, fatigue, muscle weakness, headaches and body aches and pains. Professional opinions vary as to the amount of water you should drink, but most holistic health practitioners recommend that you ingest 64 ounces in the course of the day.

Of course, water alone won’t wash away your chronic back pain. It is also important to adapt a back-friendly lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise, a nutritious diet, adequate rest and stress management.