Can coconut oil work to boost your immune system?  Numerous studies and research have indicated that coconut oil is both good for you and your immune system.  In fact, many researchers are quite surprised by just how good coconut oil is for us and all the different ways that it can improve human health including immunity.

First, it is important to state that the question of immunity and having a strong immunity isn’t as simple as consuming one food.  Just as consuming a handful of blueberries everyday is not a guarantee of brain health, the same can be stated for consuming coconut oil and immunity.  Living an unhealthy lifestyle where one consumes a great deal of processed food, fast food, trans fats and sugar does not create the optimal conditions for having a strong immune system.  For example, sugar in all of its forms has been shown to damage DNA.  It is difficult to have a robust and dynamic immune system while your body is constantly under assault from the DNA damaging impact of sugar.  This is why the first step towards a strong immune system is to observe good health practices, such as eating whole foods including lots of vegetables and fruits, and avoiding harmful foods like the ones just outlined.


Fight Colds and Flu's

Coconut oil added to an otherwise relatively healthy diet can serve to dramatically boost one’s immune system.  So what is it that gives coconut oil such a dynamic immune system boost ability?  As it turns out, coconut oil is a powerful anti-viral agent. Considering that cold and flu are both viruses, coconut oil is thus a great way to keep your immune system strong year round and especially during the winter.   A range of studies are consistently finding that coconut oil may help fight a wide variety of harmful viruses.

The Dental Connection

Other studies have also indicated that coconut oil can be used to treat a range of harmful bacteria as well, thus making coconut oil an antibacterial agent as well.  Studies have been done showing that coconut oil can also decrease the number of harmful bacteria found in the mouth.  Currently, research is being undertaken to determine if coconut oil and compounds derived from it may make their way into toothpaste and other oral health care products.  This is a more significant development than it may initially seem, as there is a direct link between oral health and overall health.

While this link may be overlooked, many studies have shown that there is an increased linkage between overall mortality and oral health.  The reason is that poor oral health will release additional bacteria into the entire body and, in the process, potentially harm internal organs.  Coconut oil can decrease the numbers of these unhealthy bacteria and potentially improve overall health as well.

Finally, studies have been conducted looking into coconut oil’s ability to fight cancer.  There is evidence that coconut oil may play a role in shrinking tumours.