As you just learned in this week’s video, daily exercise is essential for weight loss and can help to lower your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes.

It also has numerous other benefits.  Here are three more:

Joint Health: Research shows that regular exercise helps to keep your joints healthy. It restores and preserves their flexibility, range of motion and strength. Exercise also reduces joint pain associated with arthritis, and protects your joints against further damage.

Cholesterol:  According to a study published in 2011, brisk walking can lower your cholesterol levels. Researchers found that those people who exercised daily enjoyed a significant drop in their LDL cholesterol, as well as their total cholesterol.

Improves Sleep: Exercising in the morning can help you sleep better. For example, a study by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that women ages 50 to 70, who started taking brisk 30 minute walks each morning improved their ability to fall asleep by 70 percent. However, those who exercised in the evening—within 3 hours of bedtime—had trouble falling asleep.

The right type of movement, at the right time of day is one of the most powerful medicines for your body. It produces a cascade of health-protecting chemicals and hormones that decrease your risk of a multitude of disorders, help you maintain a healthy weight, boost your mood and appreciation for life, and can dramatically slow aging. So make sure you move your body every day. Find an activity that’s fun for you, such as dancing or a sport like tennis. Get a buddy to join you, because it will help to keep you motivated to show up. Remember, the more you move, the healthier you will be.



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