1. Seven Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

    Seven Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know
    Being a woman is complicated and I am not talking about hormones or childbirth either. Being beautiful is hard work! To make your life a little easier here are a few beauty tips to save time and money when it comes to the looking your best. Seven Beauty Tips & Tricks All Women Can Use 1. Dip freshly polished nails...
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  2. Women’s Top Five Health Concerns

    Women’s Top Five Health Concerns
    Advancing years, the sudden onset of illness, or the death of someone close can all make us think about our own health. According to Saralyn Mark, M.D. there are five main medical conditions that top the list of women’s health issues. We look at the risk factors for each and see how experts suggest we can be proactive in reducing...
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  3. Sex and Menopause: Is it Normal to Lose Desire?

    Sex and Menopause: Is it Normal to Lose Desire?
    Unfortunately, it’s a common myth that people age their sex drive takes a dive. While it may be true that some women’s sexual desire may decline following menopause, for the majority of women, desire does not decline.  In fact, a survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons, (AARP ) reported that 57% of women said they considered a...
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  4. Why Too Little Progesterone Affects Your Bones

    Why Too Little Progesterone Affects Your Bones
    There are currently very few published studies on the role of progesterone, but this hormone certainly influences changes in premenopausal women. Scientists now believe that too little progesterone can be as damaging to bone strength as low estrogen levels. Let's look at what is already known about this ovarian steroid and what menopausal women need to be aware of to...
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  5. Go Orange for Healthy Aging

    Go Orange for Healthy Aging
    Everyone wants to be as healthy as possible well into their golden years, and adding certain foods to the diet can help.  An abundance of nutritional benefits linked to orange-colored fruits and vegetables help promote healthy aging.  Chock full of nutrients like beta-carotene, vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin, orange foods like citrus fruits, bell peppers, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and...
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  6. How Supplements Help to Correct Nutrient Deficiencies

    How Supplements Help to Correct Nutrient Deficiencies
    Studies into the benefits of taking daily supplements of vitamins for chronic disease all appear to reinforce the same message:  taking supplements has a definite and positive effect on our long-term health. It seems hard to imagine that a tiny multivitamin tablet can make a difference to our long-term health, yet deficiency of certain vitamins and trace minerals is directly...
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  7. Three Antioxidants for Anti-Aging

    Three Antioxidants for Anti-Aging
    Extending our life spans to enjoy more of those “golden years” is the goal of almost all societies. There are never ending studies being conducted in hospitals, clinics and research laboratories around the globe to find the most effective anti-aging products that will turn back the clock. The Three Anti-Aging Amigos What are the best anti-aging compounds that should be...
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  8. Seeing Red for Anti-Aging

    Seeing Red for Anti-Aging
    This getting older business has me seeing red.  No, not because I am angry about it, but because there are a host of red foods that should be in everybody’s anti-aging diet plan.   With the passage of time, our bodies undergo many changes—sometimes it can seem for the worst.  As youth fades, we begin to develop wrinkles, possibly suffer...
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  9. Are Seniors Being Injured by Medical Care?

    Are Seniors Being Injured by Medical Care?
    We refer to a doctor, healthcare professional or hospital to make us feel better when we are ill, but alarming statistics suggest that preventable medical errors may be the third leading cause of death in the U.S. The causes include medical injury, polypharmacy, receiving treatment that leads to further medical complications, or suffering from an allergic reaction to medication. Knowing...
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  10. Six Strategies for Healthy Aging

    Six Strategies for Healthy Aging
    Aging gracefully and healthily may take some effort, but knowing what to avoid and what to include in your life should be a vital part of your healthy aging plan, whatever your age. Here are some anti-aging tips to ensure that optimum healthy aging is achieved. 1. Avoid Sugar Not only does sugar introduce "empty" calories into your diet, it...
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