1. How Fish Oil Increases Joint Mobility

    How Fish Oil Increases Joint Mobility
    Many Americans take fish oil supplements because they are known to help prevent heart disease, enhance the look and health of skin and hair and even bring relief from the symptoms of depression.  Another good reason to pop those pills is the benefits of omega-3 fish oils for joints. What Is Omega-3? Omega-3 fatty acids are called essential fats because...
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  2. Five Ways to Burn More Fat

    Five Ways to Burn More Fat
    There are no magic ways to burn fat, although scientists are working hard to find some! In the meantime we are left with the cold hard fact – the only way to burn fat deposits is through metabolism. However, there are some ways to burn fat faster or more effectively by increasing the metabolic rate. Here are a few tips...
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  3. Five Fun Ways to Connect With Your Partner

    Five Fun Ways to Connect With Your Partner
    Life for most couples is busy as they juggle work, raising a family and maintaining a home with sports, church, hobbies and other commitments. It’s easy to lose sight of your priorities and neglect your partner as you live life at full speed. Here are some ways to connect with your spouse and keep your relationship fresh and loving. Sharing...
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  4. Three Protein-Rich Breakfasts

    Three Protein-Rich Breakfasts
    There are many good reasons why you should start the day with protein. A protein-rich breakfast can boost metabolism and increase fat-burning so you’ll have plenty of energy right from the start. Protein reduces the appetite as it is digested slowly, making you feel full until lunchtime. As well as being a good choice for weightwatchers, protein builds muscle and...
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  5. The Ultimate Food Guide to Omega-3s

    The Ultimate Food Guide to Omega-3s
    Once you’ve discovered the unparalleled health benefits of omega-3, the next logical step is to stock up on foods high in omega-3. Here are some of the foods with omega-3 that you should put on your shopping list every week, and they are far wider than just fish! Top omega-3 fatty acids foods are cold water fish including: Salmon Tuna...
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  6. Secret Names for MSG

    Secret Names for MSG
    Why would anyone eat MSG flavor enhancers that are shown to cause obesity, fatty liver disease, fibromyalgia, liver toxicity, brain damage, and countless other serious health issues? The answer is that food producers can use up to 40 secret names for MSG, deliberately misleading consumers into eating this dangerous additive. The Dangers of MSG Monosodium glutamate, shortened to MSG, is...
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  7. How to Improve Short-Term Memory – Tips and Tricks

    How to Improve Short-Term Memory – Tips and Tricks
    Many people get frustrated with their increasing forgetfulness as they age. It's quite common to forget names, conversations or where you have put things. If this sounds like you, we'll show you how to improve short term memory with some useful brain-training tips. What is Short-term Memory? Short term memory is the area of the brain that stores small amounts...
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  8. Fish Oil and Weight Loss: the Amazing Connection

    Fish Oil and Weight Loss: the Amazing Connection
    According to Business Week, U.S. consumers spend $40 billion dollars a year on weight-loss programs and products, and that's a conservative estimate. Despite throwing so much money at the obesity problem, the National Institutes for Health reports that 66% (two out of three) adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. While Jenny Craig meal plans and Atkins shakes continue...
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  9. Can the Body Produce Essential Fatty Acids?

    Can the Body Produce Essential Fatty Acids?
    The human body is amazing because it can produce or synthesize most of the different fats it needs from your diet with two exceptions: linolenic (omega-3) and linoleic (omega-6) acids. These essential fatty acids are essential to everyday function and any deficiency can lead to serious health problems. The one thing many health issues have in common is inflammation, according...
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  10. What’s Causing Your Memory Loss?

    What’s Causing Your Memory Loss?
    A forgotten appointment, misplaced keys, or struggling to find the correct word during a conversation…some people might chock these incidents up to simple absentmindedness.  For those in middle age or older however, episodes of forgetfulness can be scary, conjuring worries of Alzheimer's disease or dementia.  Fortunately, according to the National Institute on Aging, memory loss is often treatable once a...
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