1. Questions to Ask Your Doctor about Protecting Your Bones

    Osteoporosis is a serious health risk for everyone as we get older. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just women who suffer from “brittle bone disease”. Men can also be at risk. Even those who do not have a family history of osteoporosis can benefit by protecting their bones from an early age.   Questions to Ask The best...
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  2. All Natural Health Product: Saw Palmetto Extract

    All Natural Health Product: Saw Palmetto Extract
    The all natural health product saw palmetto extract is rich in health-promoting fatty acids like Omega 3. It is also a potent source of heart-healthy phytosterols. While these mineral supplements alone might be enough to sell you on this amazing berry extract, you might be interested to know that saw palmetto extract has been shown in scientific studies to have powerful...
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  3. The Wonders of Garlic

    The word ‘panacea’ gets thrown around quite a bit, especially in the realm of nutrition and natural health. But if the word has any import or meaning, it lay in the substance of garlic. Garlic is widely recognized as one of the most important health supplements that can be found in the natural world. It promotes both the heart and...
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  4. Top Supplements to Erase Problems of Aging Skin

    Top Supplements to Erase Problems of Aging Skin
    One of the common aging skin problems is light or dark brown spots called age spots. They are show up on the face, chest, shoulders and hands in both men and women; and they can affect younger people, too.  They are also called liver spots and are a result of dietary deficiencies and years of exposure to the harsh rays...
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  5. Inflammation and Aging Skin

    Inflammation and Aging Skin
    When it comes to good health as we age, inflammation plays both good and bad roles.  In response to injury, acute or short-term inflammation helps promote healing, but chronic or long-term inflammation can harm just about every area of the body including the skin.  Conditions linked to chronic inflammation include acne, dermatitis, rosacea, rash, hives, and wrinkles.  Fortunately, following a...
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  6. How Your Liver Health Affects Your Skin | Aging Gracefully

    How Your Liver Health Affects Your Skin | Aging Gracefully
    There is a huge emphasis on the importance of a healthy heart, but having a healthy liver can be equally important. Symptoms of poor liver health can lead to a variety of aging skin problems. If aging gracefully is important to you, then you need to learn how to look after your liver. The Importance of a Healthy Liver The...
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  7. How Free Radical Damage Affects Your Health

    How Free Radical Damage Affects Your Health
    We hear a lot about free radicals and their harmful effect on our health and aging. It’s important to understand free radical dangers so that you can take steps to counter their effect. Here’s a simple explanation of how free radical dangers can be reduced to slow the aging process and reduce the risk of cancer. Understanding Free Radical Dangers...
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  8. How Much Should I Exercise?

    How Much Should I Exercise?
    Some people believe they should spend every free minute at the gym in order to maintain a trim physique, but this may not be the case according to research.  A recent study featured in Current Biology shows that the body adapts to higher levels of exercise.  This means that more exercise does not always result in a higher calorie burn...
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  9. Are Your Emotions Interfering With Your Weight Loss?

    Are Your Emotions Interfering With Your Weight Loss?
    Homemade macaroni and cheese, rocky road ice cream, chicken and waffles…there's a reason these tasty dishes are called "comfort foods."  A few bites can make the blues, stress, anger or anxiety vanish.  Unfortunately, safe and comforting feelings gained through certain foods are short-lived and depending on them can be detrimental.  Using foods to fill emotional needs can result in an...
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  10. The Power of Plants

    The Power of Plants
    Plants are under constant siege from animals, insects, humans, and the environment.  In addition, being literally rooted to the ground, it can be difficult to protect themselves. Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided for them. They grow physical defenses like thorns or thick bark or spines. Or they can create chemical shields…defenses that allow them to fight fungus, battle viruses or...
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