1. Why are Supplements Important as We Age?

    When we are in our teens and twenties, it is easy to feel as though we are invincible so many people neglect taking supplements and eating healthy.  However, as we get older, it becomes increasingly important to maintain our health and wellness.  One of the best ways to do this is to maintain a regular regime of supplementation.  The fact...
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  2. Smart Supplementation Can Reverse Aging

    Smart Supplementation Can Reverse Aging
    There are many supplements that can help you maintain your brain health. One supplement that appears to be of great value to use is the powerful Acetyl-L-Carnitine or ALC. Studies indicate that this supplement can do much to boost brain function. One study in California looked at the impact of ALC on older rats. Researchers found that this supplement could reverse the decline related...
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  3. How to Naturally Take Control of Sugar Cravings

    How to Naturally Take Control of Sugar Cravings
    Humans show a preference for a sweet taste from the moment they are born. Sugar causes a release of endorphins in the brain that can have a calming effect and sometimes create a natural “high.” As sugar is added to many processed foods including baked goods, yogurt and juices, it is easy to over-consume. In fact, Americans average approximately 22...
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  4. Natural Health Solutions: Multivitamins and Brain Function

    Natural Health Solutions: Multivitamins and Brain Function
    Scientists are predicting that diagnosed cases of dementia are set to double over the next ten years as the world’s population continues to age. Evidence points to a relationship between the levels of individual vitamins received over their lifetime and the cognitive decline and dementia in the elderly. It seems that those who have spent years with a lack of...
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  5. Supplements May Support Brain Recovery After Stroke

    Supplements May Support Brain Recovery After Stroke
    Stroke is caused by an interruption of blood flow to the brain due to blockage or bursting of a blood vessel.   An ischemic stroke occurs when blood flow is blocked, and if oxygen is stopped for more than a few seconds, permanent brain damage can result.  A hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain is weakened and bursts...
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  6. Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements – How Much Should You Take?

    Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements – How Much Should You Take?
    Natural vitamins, minerals and supplements are known as micro-nutrients as they are only needed in small amounts compared to protein, fats and carbohydrates which are known as macro-nutrients. However they are all essential to our health and need to be taken in the correct amounts to ensure a long and healthy life. To help us to know how much of each...
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  7. The Benefits of Taking Multivitamins for Women

    The Benefits of Taking Multivitamins for Women
    There is no doubt that the nutritional and health issues of women are different from those of men. Often this fact is overlooked or simply not given enough attention. However, women need to remember that they do in fact have different health needs. Of course, this also means that they need different multivitamins as well. Today's multivitamin market is loaded...
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  8. FDA Changes Sunscreen Regulations

    Summer officially began earlier this week. In honor of Summer, we thought we would share an overview of the FDA's changes to sunscreen regulations that were announced last week. These new regulations are designed to help you, the consumer, decide on which sunscreen is the best for your needs. Also, it gives you an overview on the safe ways to...
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  9. Anti-Aging Benefits of Antioxidant Supplements

    Antioxidant supplements are powerful free-radical fighting compounds. They help protect our bodies at the cellular level and have been lauded for their ability to keep our cells, and therefore our organs, healthy and functioning optimally for much longer than they would without them. No matter what, we are exposed to damaging free radicals all the time. Second-hand smoke, smog, high-fat...
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  10. A New Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement?

    The Journal of Nutrition recently published an intriguing article about a flavonoid called Epicatechin. Epicatechin is a compound that occurs naturally in cocoa and tea. The article is the result of a study conducted by researchers at Virginia Tech who found that Epicatechin increased the lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) and of obese, diabetic mice.   The abstract of...
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