Some people believe they should spend every free minute at the gym in order to maintain a trim physique, but this may not be the case according to research.  A recent study featured in Current Biology shows that the body adapts to higher levels of exercise.  This means that more exercise does not always result in a higher calorie burn.  Learning more about the latest research and taking advantage of a few diet and exercise tips helps ensure people are getting the most bang for their buck when it comes to weight loss.

The Research

A team of researchers from City University of New York examined daily activity levels and subsequent calories burned for more than 300 male and female subjects for one week. Results showed that sedentary subjects burned a small but measurable amount of calories from daily activity, but subjects with moderate daily activity burned about 200 calories per day more than sedentary individuals. Interestingly, subjects with higher-than-moderate activity levels showed no additional calories burned for more activity.

While the results of the study show that exercise helps burn calories, extra physical activity does not always mean better success when it comes to losing weight. The researchers concluded that the body might benefit best from a specific amount of exercise – or sweet spot – that lies somewhere in the middle of too little and too much physical activity.

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Diet and Exercise Tips

Individuals looking to lose weight should first take a look at their daily diet. Cutting out unnecessary calories and unhealthy fats and incorporating more fruits, vegetables and fiber helps ensure better weight loss success.

In an effort to lose weight, people also benefit from a few exercise tips. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least four days per week.  According to experts at Harvard University, moderate activity might include brisk walking, bike riding, mowing the lawn, or heavy cleaning. Adding regular strength training to an exercise regimen helps tone the body and increase the number of calories burned.