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  1. Is Your Spouse Sabotaging Your Diet?

    Is Your Spouse Sabotaging Your Diet?
    You have decided to make some lifestyle changes. Maybe you want to lose a little weight or just try to eat healthier. So, you have a chat with your spouse about your new goals and they are not quite on board. Or maybe they say they want to help, then show up with a box of donuts or your cook...
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  2. Is Keto Healthy?

    Is Keto Healthy?
    The keto diet is THE big diet right now. Celebrities, like Halle Berry and Megan Fox, made it popular a few year back and it took off as the best way to lose all those unwanted pounds. Regardless of its popularity, is it a healthy way to eat? Let’s discuss. What is the Ketogenic Diet? The ketogenic or “keto” diet...
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  3. Should I Put Butter in My Coffee?

    Should I Put Butter in My Coffee?
    Have you heard of this new trend of putting butter in your coffee, also sometimes called Bulletproof coffee? This new diet trend was started by Dave Asprey, who claims that starting your day with a cup of coffee with butter in it will boost your IQ, increase your energy, and help with weight loss. But, are any of these claims...
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  4. 6 Foods to Help You Sleep Better

    6 Foods to Help You Sleep Better
    Even as a Registered Dietitian, with a passion for helping people heal through diet, there is one thing that I believe is even more important than diet. That one thing is getting enough sleep. Sleep is woefully neglected in our go, go, go world. But, getting at least 8 hours is the most important thing you can do for your...
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  5. The Many Benefits of Collagen

    The Many Benefits of Collagen
    Collagen supplements are a pretty popular protein right now. It seems like everyone is adding it to their smoothies, shakes, and even coffee. The claims about it range from the ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles to strengthening hair to helping keep joints healthy. So, does collagen live up to all the hype around it? The answer, especially for...
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  6. Losing weight? Be sure to pack a healthy, satisfying lunch

    Losing weight? Be sure to pack a healthy, satisfying lunch
    One of the most effective ways to lose or maintain weight, according to researchers, is to avoid going out to restaurants for lunch. Experts including Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil agree that for all but the most iron-willed patrons, restaurants tend to be minefields of diet disaster. For those of us who work in office jobs, this can be a...
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  7. Buy Organic: Avoid these “Dirty Dozen” Fruits and Veggies

    Buy Organic: Avoid these “Dirty Dozen” Fruits and Veggies
    We’re all doing our best to eat more fruits and vegetables these days, but it’s no secret that the cost of food is a real concern in this tight economy. In an ideal world, every piece of fresh produce we buy would be organic. But for some large families or seniors on fixed incomes, this isn’t always possible. Thankfully, the...
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  8. The challenge of making happiness last

    The challenge of making happiness last
    One of the hallmarks of being human, it seems, is that tendency to always want more – no matter how much we have. Now scientists studying this phenomenon have found that the stronger it is, the more fleeting is our ability to find, and maintain, happiness as a state of being. Think of the adage, “Happiness isn’t getting what you...
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  9. Tell Us Your Healthy Living Story

    We want to hear about how you live a natural healthy lifestyle. Tell us about your favorite vitamins or supplements, how you first learned about health supplements, why you are a fan of IVL Products, how you love Yoga.....etc. Your stories will be reviewed and may be edited based on the following rules: No claims. The FDA and FTC have...
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  10. Foods Which are Good for You, Bad for Your Pet

    Do you like to share your dinner with your pet? Does your dog look forward to the table scraps at the end of your meal? Feeding “human” foods to pets can be healthy for them and a fun way to bond. But there are certain foods that, while they’re good for us, they can be extremely harmful to our pets...
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